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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Suzuki has a happy new owner-

That's right, the Suzuki has left the building. Or the parking lot, actually, since it has been sitting on the base Lemon Lot this past week. A guy named Darrell bought it after checking it out and a decent test ride the other night. I gave him the box of leftovers, receipts and paint cans as well as the stuffed bear with the "Do the Suzuki" shirt that buddy Loc gave me when I started riding the bike.

I'm not really sad to see it go because somehow, as much as I liked working on it, I never really bonded with it. It was a great project and it turned out to be a terrific motorcycle. It just wasn't the right motorcycle for me. Now, my plan is to use the money to arrange airfare and pay the balance of our anniversary cruise costs so all that is covered.

I think I'll be waiting until next spring to find another pair of motorized wheels and I'll keep riding the scooter I already have for the remainder of this year. And maybe I'll find another project bike for next winter's tinkering fun.

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